We offers a full range of residential and commercial Interior Design consulting services.

We takes the frustration and stress out of the residential remodel or new home project. By growing up in a family of contractors and developer, and working as a drafts person for many years, our company understands how important the planning and design process is in delivering a successful finished home the client will love.

By insulating and smoothing out the complexity and intricacies of a typical design project, we allows the client to actually enjoy the process, and be sure the final product is one everyone can be proud of.

We also knows how to ‘pull’ the sometimes deep rooted style out of the client, and assemble the elements that make the dreams of the client a reality.

The end result is a hassle free process for the client and the contractors involved.

JP takes the client from the desire phase…in knowing they want something that will make them feel good, then take their internal style that many clients don’t know how to express…and meld everything together to come up with something totally unique.

We knows the right-mix of being bold and subtle to deliver a amazingly original space that feels good to be in. After working with us, you will have to get used to friends and family saying “I would have never imagined that would look so good together.”